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Crutchfield Investigators offers a vital service to companies designed to upgrade the quality of your work force. As statistics show, crime in the work place is at all time high. CII has implemented a system quite simple to utilize which can limit the risks of employee theft, violence, and drug usage.

Unlike the many other techniques available to employee screening, criminal background investigation has proven to be the most efficient, effective and legal way of conducting a pre-employment search through public records.

Below are three common, yet controversial pre-employment screenings.


  • No longer legal for pre-employment screening in the public sector.


  • Drug testing can determine the use of “most” drug activity, however this test implements a fundamental flaw; Temporary Abstinence! Drug testing currently suffers from an accuracy problem. Recent products available at local drug stores cannot only alter a drug test, but can effectively flush the individuals urinary and circulatory system of all toxins within two hours.


  • California Court of Appeals recently ruled that a “Job Applicant” has the same privacy rights as employees under the California Constitution and cannot be screened out by such “invasive Psychological Tests.”

A criminal search of county court public records includes a check of any felony and/or misdemeanor convictions where available. The area to be searched is determined according to the subject’s place of residence or at the request of the client. If a subject has lived in different locations, a search of the longest residence is recommended. Any charges for court cost, copies, certification, etc. incurred will be passed along to the client.

All F.C.C. searches consist of the following:

  • National Consumer Credit (signed release required by subject of investigation)
  • Interstate Public Filing Index
  • One County Superior Court Civil
  • Criminal Index

Mandatory identifying information for each F.C.C. search:

  • Full legal name
  • Current address
  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Date of birth


1. National Consumer Credit

  • This check is accessed for establishing a financial profile on the subject. Also, financial responsibility can be determined as to the payment of loans and credit card charges.

2. Interstate Public Filing Index

  • This index provides an assortment of public record filing for a given name, including municipal civil/small claims listing by defendant (judgement only); county, state, and federal tax lien notices; bankruptcy filings and foreclosures; and unlawful detainers (removal of tenant for not paying rent).

3. One County Superior Court Civil

  • This index includes civil suits, divorces and family law, name changes, reciprocal (child support), probate (wills), and cross complaints. Civil cases involving more than one plaintiff or defendant, such as class action suits, may be consolidated under one case number.

4. Criminal Index

  • This search discloses whether the subject has been convicted of any felony and/or misdemeanor charges in any one county.
  • Surveillance
  • Full Asset Search
  • Locate
    • Address
    • Land Line or Cell Number
    • SSN
    • Date of Birth
    • Drivers License
    • Utility Search
    • Employment
    • Address From P.O. Box
    • Email


Are you tired of being ripped off by theft, drug abuse, fraudulent worker’s compensation claims, misuse of companies time and property, poor attitude and trouble makers?

If so, undercover investigations are without a doubt one of the best forms of internal investigations. It is not only efficient, but cost effective.

Just as any other employee, the undercover operative goes to work, is paid in the same manner, treated the same and works side by side with your employees. Social contacts are established, such as going to parties, bars, bowling leagues, etc. When the fellow employees accept the undercover operative as one of their peers, they confide in him.

There is also a positive result that comes out of the undercover reports such as honest, hardworking and loyal employees. If there is need for police interaction, we will act as the liaison. If drugs buys are to be made for instance, we would work with the local police department’s narcotics unit. This is at the sole discretion of the client.

At the conclusion of the investigation, if the client so desires, Crutchfield & Associates will conduct the interview process. We have over 25 years of experience in interviewing and interrogation techniques, and after thousands of interviews we have not had one complaint against our license or one lawsuit. Crutchfield & Associates is licensed and fully insured.

In the vast majority of cases the undercover operative is never known or exposed even at the conclusion of the investigation.

Depending on the scope of the investigation, undercover operatives generally insure that there are no organized drug or theft rings going on inside your company. The use of undercover operatives works very well with criminal background screenings. Not all criminals have conviction records. Generally, our operative can identify these problem individuals during the probationary period and minimize problems or loss to our clients. In many cases they will be privy to information on an employee preparing to file a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim.

Through the years we have developed methods to deal with fraudulent worker’s compensation claims and minimize our clients exposure. Crutchfield & Associates offers its clients the most comprehensive training and selection process in the security and undercover industry today. The quality of our workforce and investigative team stems from the most extensive background and training process available. Most importantly they have been personally trained by Crutchfield & Associates

Most applicants in order to be eligible for work at our clients locations must meet or exceed the minimum requirements.

They have completed and graduated from a state accredited investigator training school. This training consist of approximately 300 hours of classroom instruction during a seven week course. Course instruction covers criminal investigation, crime, employee theft and sabotage, fraud, embezzlement, evidence, and loss prevention.

Upon completion of above course Crutchfield & Associates conducts a extensive background search and screening process on all perspective applicants.